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21st August, 2017
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Communication from DOE
DoE OM on mandatory installation of LED based lighting in all Government Buildings
Uploaded On ..2017-08-12 21:24:03
Guidelines on Air Travel on Official Tour
Uploaded On ..2017-08-04 20:06:01
DoE OM on implementation of 7CPC relating to grant of TA
Uploaded On ..2017-08-04 09:29:37
DoE OM on Bunching of Stages under CCS (Revised Pay ) Rules, 2016
Uploaded On ..2017-08-04 09:25:57
DoE OM regarding Travelling Allowance Rules
Uploaded On ..2017-07-14 12:16:10
Payment on account of discontinued allowances
Uploaded On ..2017-07-13 13:51:49
DoE OM on TA dated 07.07.17.
Uploaded On ..2017-07-08 11:25:16
DoE OM on HRA dated 07.07.17.
Uploaded On ..2017-07-08 11:24:08
Notification on 7CPC allowances dated 06.07.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-07-07 12:18:52
Press Releas on allowances dated 07.07.2017
Uploaded On ..2017-07-07 12:16:55
Latest DoE OM dated 13.06.2017 on bunching
Uploaded On ..2017-06-22 23:56:22
Payment to Government Servants through Electronic Mode only
Uploaded On ..2017-05-17 00:38:00
Manual for procurement of Consultancy & other Services-2017
Uploaded On ..2017-05-17 00:35:57
Manual for procurement of Goods -2017
Uploaded On ..2017-05-17 00:34:38
Press Release: Cabinet decision taken on 03.05.2017 regarding 7CPC
Uploaded On ..2017-05-05 17:31:03
PIB release on Cabinet approves modifications in the 7th CPC recommendations on pay and pensionary benefits
Uploaded On ..2017-05-04 00:56:35
Compendium of instructions issued by DoE for creation, Revival, continuation and transfer of posts.
Uploaded On ..2017-04-19 00:16:12
Simplification of procedure for payment of CGEGIS due
Uploaded On ..2017-03-18 23:36:45
GFR, 2017- OM
Uploaded On ..2017-03-10 01:21:45
Payment to suppliers etc. by Government Departments through e-payment
Uploaded On ..2016-12-07 00:59:20
Economy in use of paper-- DOE OM
Uploaded On ..2016-12-05 00:36:04
Encouraging usage of debit cards among Government Employees
Uploaded On ..2016-12-02 23:55:19
Press Note dated 01.12.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-12-02 23:46:08
Remittance to Govt. Accounts- DOE Notification dated 15.11.2016
Uploaded On ..2016-11-18 00:01:28
DOE OM- Salary Advance for the month of Nov., 16
Uploaded On ..2016-11-17 23:56:37
OM from Controller General of Accounts regarding checking of pay fixation by respective Accounts offices
Uploaded On ..2016-10-10 15:34:46
Grant of Advance- 7CPC recommendations-Amendment to Compendium of Rules on Advances to Govt. Servants
Uploaded On ..2016-10-10 14:52:11
Grant of Advance- Amendment to Rule 21(5) of Compendium of Rules on Advances to Govt. Servants (7 CPC)
Uploaded On ..2016-10-10 14:49:22
DOE OM on bunching under CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-09-08 01:27:41
DOE OM on stagnation under CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-09-08 01:24:27
OM on Fixation of Pay & Payment of Arrears (7CPC)
Uploaded On ..2016-07-30 00:00:57
CCS (Revised Pay Rules), 2016
Uploaded On ..2016-07-26 23:35:43
Gazette Notification dated 25.07.2016 on acceptance of 7CPC recommendations
Uploaded On ..2016-07-26 10:18:04

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